A music shop for Joomla. By musicians, for musicians.

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Featured Site of the Month: Wells Road

WELLS ROAD has been playing their brand of Southern Rock/ Americana in and around Hessen Germany for almost three years now. Founded in Frankfurt in 2012 the trio have used their diverse backgrounds (Californian, Ohioan, Swedish) and their outsider status to create a hybrid sound all their own. Songs about home, loss, sinners, and redemption, combined with melodies - sometimes delicate, sometimes hard and heavy - create moods and memories to which anyone can relate.


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Version 3.3.0 Released

We are pleased to announce the release of MyMuse for Joomla version 3.3.0.

Many fixes and new features including:

  • New Payment plugin: PayPalPro (Direct Payment)
  • New Payment plugin: PayUnity
  • Add European tax rules with one click
  • Option to include VAT number (exclude from Euro taxes)
  • California Taxes (only on physical goods, not downloads)
  • Shipping Standard plugin now with up to 12 rules, include/exclude zones
  • Recommended Items can be shown when viewing cart
  • New SocialShare plugin
  • Add downloads report to Reports
  • Add downloads report per order

Get it here http://mymuse.ca/subscribe/downloads/mymuse-3/mymuse-3-3-3-0

Check out the demo http://callinish.joomlamymuse.com/

All users should update to the latest version. In your site admin, go to Extensions->MyMuse and, if you have entered your username/password for your subscription, you will be able to update with one click.

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MyMuse 3.2.10 Released

February 4, 2015

We are pleased to announce the release of MyMuse 3.2.10.

Added plupload script to ease uploads of files. Several small improvements.

  • Move download link to top of thank you page
  • Always load profile to get any changes.
  • Fix shipping standard plugin.
  • Add link to edit profile from checkout page.
  • Update user profile to add multi-language "Select a country" and "Select a region".
  • Add Backordered text.
  • Change javascript in audio_html5 so much shorter.
  • Update mobile_css.

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MyMuse 3.2.9

We are happy to announce the release of MyMuse 3.2.9

We have added the ability to select countries in the Standard Shipping Plugin so you can set up different zones.
Now you can show the number of downloads on product pages

MyMuse is now available in Spanish (Front end only) and Portuguese-Brazil (Front end and Admin!).
A big thank you to Robson Trevizani for the Portuguese and to Willem van Doorn for the Spanish.

We have updated all our language packs to have the latest additions.

This relese contains many small fixes and improvements and better views.

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