Featured Site: NexGenMusicGroup

An amazing site featuring the different labels of NexGen Music Group: NexGen, Migration and Affectionate Grooves. Owner Daniel Clarke has done amazing things using the Mixitup Javascript library with MyMuse to create a site that is visually beautiful and so easy to use. His customizations of the views for categories, individual products, cart and mini-cart have brought MyMuse to the next level. All cheers for NexGen!


Featured Site of the Month: Sonic Magpie Records

Like-minded musicians......
Diverse musical backgrounds......
Living inside the creative......
The colours of sound our palette......

.....Sonic Magpie Records

From "Our Story":

Welcome to Sonic Magpie Records, the brain child of Chris Seely & I, Sue Leonard.

Chris and I have been chatting about putting together this website for a long time, a site which features our favorite artists. We wanted to give them a home, a place to hang their hat and get their music out to the rest of the world. Why, you may ask? Because of our deep passion and love for music and the joy and success that can be found in supporting other artists.


Featured Site of the Month: Timothy Seaman

Timothy Seaman plays and teaches distinctively original music using his own techniques developed for the extended-range hammered dulcimer, a large collection of flutes and whistles, psalteries, mountain dulcimer and guitar -- both solo and in ensembles -- with a unique emotive and sometimes powerful style revealing influences of such varied performers as Ken Kolodner, early John McCutcheon, Paul Sullivan, Glenn Gould, Hubert Laws, Arthur Rubinstein, Noel Paul Stookey, Gordon MacRae, Helmuth Rilling, Herb Alpert, Rudolf Serkin, Alasdair Fraser, and George Szell. The instruments seem at times to burst forth into a vocal form of expression -- and indeed on occasion his baritone voice’s warmth joins in.



Featured Site of the Month: Wells Road

WELLS ROAD has been playing their brand of Southern Rock/ Americana in and around Hessen Germany for almost three years now. Founded in Frankfurt in 2012 the trio have used their diverse backgrounds (Californian, Ohioan, Swedish) and their outsider status to create a hybrid sound all their own. Songs about home, loss, sinners, and redemption, combined with melodies - sometimes delicate, sometimes hard and heavy - create moods and memories to which anyone can relate.


Featured Site of the Month: Spiritwood Music - June 2015

Established in 2000‚ and based in Ely‚ Minnesota at the edge of The Boundary Waters Wilderness Area‚ our record label, Spiritwood Music, was formed to produce acoustic music that is still pure and true and always respectful of its roots

spiritwood music

Featured Site of the Month - Krystal Audio - March 2015

Our site of the month for March 2015 is Krystal Audio. Created by Kristina Klioryte.

Kristal Audio specializes in the promotion of music created by musicians of Lithuanian origin worldwide. Traditional, folk, classical, popular and rock songs, instrumental music, as well as children's stories and poetry in a variety of languages reflect the unique talents of our community. Kristal Audio, a world of music to listen to, discover, and love.


Maxmuzik from the Czech Republic

Our December "Site of the Month" is Maxmuzik from the Czech Republic. A big thank you to Miroslav Baka for the translation into Czech.

It is much more than a music store.

Mymuse based eshop
Music events calendar
Bands, singers, musicians profiles
Music Agencies and Clubs pages
Music chart
Music Videos pages

Kristian Bediiako

Our Site of the Month for November, 2014, is Kristian Bediiako. Bediiako's site was built by Mark Reynolds (Ren) of

He has done some beautiful things with the HTML5 player. And, Oh! Mama!, the music is oh so cool! Good job Ren.


Featured Site of the Month - Morning Light - September 2014

morning light

Morning Light Music, produced by Carrie Maxwell Wrigley, is our featured site of the month for September. Carrie has been with MyMuse since the start and recently upgraded to MyMuse version 3.2.7.

It is a beautiful site. Carrie has chosen wonderful pictures for the front page slide show. The template is by Joomla51. And the Music Store is MyMuse!

Featured Site of the Month - Singsong - August 2014


SingSong Inc. is a Newfoundland and Labrador recording company owned and operated by performing artist Jim Payne. It was started in 1989, and is dedicated to traditional and contemporary music, story, song and dance that reflect the Newfoundland experience. The label has 27 currently available titles, making it the largest dedicated traditional music label in the province.

It is also the site that inspired MyMuse! He had a pure HTML site that was impossible to maintain. "Let me build you a shopping cart on Jooma!" I said. Jim just updated to the latest 2.5 version.

Featured Site of the Month - Hedras Ramos - June 2014

hedra ramos thumb Hedras Ramos is an amazing guitar player!

Hedras was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala in 1992. He has had an amazing career already for a young player. Get his latest album "Atoms and Space".

Besides his own recordings, he recently played with Christopher Lee (who played Saruman in Lord of the Rings) on his heavy metal project "Charlemagne: Omens of Death".

And he's using MyMuse to sell his tracks on his site!


Check out his site here:



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